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What is Morning Sickness?

The first trimester of pregnancy is the beginning of an amazing transformation and is marked by rapid changes for both a woman and her baby. The first trimester however, also brings with it morning sickness which will affect some women and not others. For some women the symptoms are worse in the morning and can improve throughout the day and for others the feeling of nausea or vomitting can occur at anytime and can last all day. The intensity of the symptoms can vary from women to women as well. 

The main cause of morning sickness in pregnancy is the hormone human chorionic gonadotro-phin (HCG hormone) which is produced in large quantities until the placenta takes over the functions of nourishment throughout pregnancy. It is this reason that nausea usually begins around the 4th week of pregnancy and resolves between 12- 14 weeks.

How is Morning Sickness affecting you?
Morning sickness unfortunately can have a profound effect on women and be so severe they are prevented from working, socialising and looking after other children. Women who are enduring morning sickness are likely to have higher levels of stress, anxiety or even depression.  
How can Life Synergy help you?
At Life Synergy our practitioners can provide relief to women who are suffering from morning sickness through acupuncture treatments to help women enjoy the beginning of their pregnancy. Our practitioners understand that the first trimester can be challenging with the effects of fatigue, nausea, vomiting and the anxiety and concerns that can often arise with concerns of the babies health and tailor each treatment to ensure each of these issues are treated. Whether women are at home looking after children or going to work everyday and attempting to hide their pregnancy- it is important to seek treatment to help control these symptoms, provide nourishment, provide energy and importantly allow women to enjoy their first steps of pregnancy. 
Tips to overcome morning sickness.
If women are tired, hungry, stressed or anxious, nausea can become worse therefore it is important to manage these factors. When women are expecting twins, morning sickness can be worse as the
pregnancy hormones will be higher.
Below is a list of what to AVOID when women are suffering from morning sickness:
 AVOID an empty stomach: Women should eat small regular meals to help maintain energy levels. Eating regularly keeps the blood sugar even which can prevent nausea from worsening.
– AVOID overeating: large meals can drain energy. Having six smaller meals will spread out kilojoule intake evenly, resulting in more constant blood sugar and insulin level.
– AVOID any smells, tastes or textures that can cause nausea.
– AVOID caffeine or aim to cut back to 1-2 cups as a maximum.
– AVOID fried, fatty or highly spicy foods.
Please note: if you area unable to eat or drink without vomiting, contact your practitioner as you may be dehydrated and need to be treated in hospital.

Below is a list of what the ENSURE when women are suffering from morning sickness:

– ENSURE adequate, regular and consistent amounts of sleep each night.
– ENSURE plenty of relaxation: try yoga, meditation.
– ENSURE you are always well hydrated, a dehydrated body functions less efficiently. 
– ENSURE you fulfill any food cravings.
– ENSURE your diet includes iron rich foods.
– ENSURE you eat solid bland tasting foods, high in complex carbohydrates.

Foods to eat:

– Salty foods
– Bland foods
– Ginger 
– Peppermint or spearmint tea
– Potatoes: try a potato soup using potatoes, ginger, leeks and water to sip throughout the day. 
To help relieve nausea, the image below displays the acupuncture point ‘Nei Guan’ or ‘Pericardium six’ where several studies have indicated acupressure to this point can alleviate morning sickness in early pregnancy. 
Instructions: Apply pressure for 30-60 seconds and take 5-10 deep breaths until nausea is alleviated.
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