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We inherently know that eating better, breathing better, focusing our mind and energy can affect our hormones – think about the advice we get for easing PMS, that’s so common we take it for granted.

Many of these same things can make a huge difference on your journey to parenthood. Recognising your moods, and what might be causing them. Eating good food, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep. Your body wants and needs to be the best home possible for your new addition, so every step you take toward wellness is one step you’re taking toward where you want to be.

So, a simple exercise to try today: when you start to get stressed, focus on something around you – bring yourself into the present moment, away from the stress of worrying about the future. Find something you can hear, something you can see, and something you can feel, and focus on those: the breeze on your skin, the sound of birds or traffic, the texture of a leaf or your office chair.

And then, start applying that mindfulness to all areas of your life: recognise how it feels when you lay your head down on the pillow to sleep, what your body feels like after you’ve eaten certain foods, whether you’re nourishing your body or just filling a gap.

You’ll find over time, as your stress reduces, your overall health will improve – which is great for you and your baby.

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