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With a sole focus on  fertility and pregnancy, this enables our team to maximise your success of conception to pregnancy, creating healthy babies during your parenthood journey.

Labor induction

By the time 38 to 40 weeks come, most pregnant mothers are more than ready to deliver their baby with the house been over cleaned, bags for hospital pack and repacked. This energy can sometimes prolong he delivery of baby.
An acupuncture labour induction is a natural way to bring on labour when woman are
 past their due date (i.e. over 40 weeks pregnant)
– to be me ducally induced by doctor
Labour inductions aim to do the following:
– stimulate and increase the release of oxytocin to promote contractions
open the uterus
– soften the cervix
– help to bring on the natural labour process
Benefits of Acupuncture Labour Induction 
– allows the baby to drop down lower and engage
– relax the mother and the baby
– relieve any stress or anxiety
– reduce pain levels during labour by relaxing the muscles in the mother
– relax muscles in the back, hips and pelvis
How can Fertility and Wellbeing help you?

Our practitioners are highly experience and trained in Acupuncture Labour Induction. We recommend women come in at 39 weeks to begin the process and allowing them them to be the best prepared entering into motherhood. Each treatment is individually tailored depending on the current stage and aim to build the required oxytocin needed build contractions which optimises a woman chances of an uncomplicated and natural birth.

Is Acupuncture Labour Inductions Safe?
Our Labour Inductions are completely safe to mum and bub. The goal help to minimise the possibility of associated interventions and is the only alternative safe solution for inducing labour.

At Life Synergy, our treatments
Tips for Labour Induction
reduce or eliminate any stressful or anxiety triggers

raspberry leaf has been long known to promote labour induction

acupressure – midwifes have incorporate our techniques with out acupuncture needles by applying pressure to our induction points to promote labour

We always recommended Hypno birthing or Calm birthing (which is usually done 1-2 months before due date) to enable the mindful tools for Labour.

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