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The featured image for this article is from a woman who snapped a photo of how her breastmilk changed colour while her baby was unwell (to appear more like colostrum); experts suggested that the change was because the baby’s saliva tipped off the mother’s body as to what it needed to make to help the baby heal.

We know that alcohol comes through in breast milk and that mothers need to restrict their diet while breastfeeding if their child has an allergy (eg gluten), so it’s important to have that same mindfulness when it comes to the other things we eat. If you don’t eat a wide range of foods, your baby won’t be exposed to a wide range of vitamins and minerals; in short, you should be eating the nutrients that you’d ideally like your child to be eating when they’re old enough for solids.

If you need some help planning meals around your budget and your baby, then we have fantastic resources available to help you; knowing what you and your baby need nutrition-wise, tailored to your specific body type and idiosyncrasies, can make a world of difference to your health.

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