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It’s amazing how much power speaking words out loud can have when it comes to calming our fears and anxieties. Here are some simple affirmations to help you during moments of pregnancy  anxiety and stress.

I trust my body; it was born knowing how to do this.

I welcome the changes in my body, because every change marks a new point on this journey, a new moment in my baby’s existence.

I  have a beautiful baby

I know how to take care of myself and my baby in pregnancy

My pregnant body is beautiful. Pregnancy suits me.

I see my breath as energy for my body. Every deep breath is nourishing to my body and mind.

I am open and accepting of my pregnancy experience.

My baby is safe, growing close to my heart.

My breasts are preparing to breastfeed my baby.

My baby is growing strong, healthy and loved.


When I eat good food, I am nourishing and growing my baby, ensuring it is born in optimal health.

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